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Depending on what you make of it, getting your ex boyfriend back after a break up can be easy or pretty difficult. It really depends much on your actions and inactions. You may not be able to easily win his heart over again if you pressure him, and try to force him to love you again. However, if you let him see reasons why he should love you again, on you can truly achieve the success you yearn for, with ease. That is not to say you wake up on a Sunday morning, call him and start reciting countless reasons why he should fall in love with you again. No, not at all! There are ways to letting him feel that you are so lovable again. In the first place, you need to know that men can be pretty stubborn. This is the golden rule you should always bear in mind when dealing with men.

Men are egoistic species! They will love you when you "let them have their way". For example, men will fight back when they think they are being forced to do something or when you tend to order them around. As regards the same case, if they feel obliged to do it, they will do the same task with much enthusiasm without being forced to do it. So, do not force yourself on your ex boyfriend, just because you want him to love you again. Remember, the first day you met him on, you never forced yourself on him. You made yourself attractive to win his heart. After that, you played hard to get so as to feel "special". That is to say you made him think it was his idea to chase you when all of the time you were the one actually leading him on. You were responsible for making him love you.

Therefore, getting your ex boyfriend back after you two go your own separate ways should be no different! Yes, you can let him go at first, and with the belief that he is no longer yours. After that, you work towards attracting and getting him back. Allow some time, I mean a couple of weeks, to pass without contacting your ex again. Then go and work on your charm! Go to a salon and get an attractive make over. Beautiful hairstyle, manicure and a tan. After that, go and shop for new clothing materials to accentuate on your looks. Then, get your bossom friends and storm the place he usually hangs out. If you find him there, ignore him and flirt with the other guys around on


Soon after, take your leave. Most men appreciate a beauty when they see one.